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Castlewellan event celebrates nature, food and community


LAST Saturday (20 April) the Dolmens Climate Action Network held a celebration of food, nature and community.

People who came along to the event in Castlewellan had the chance to take home seedlings and transplant them in their own garden and they will hopefully enjoy delicious produce later in the year.

They could also receive gardening advice from some of the more experienced gardeners helping out at the event.

There was an opportunity to make and bring home DIY bee and bug hotels.

“Making these mini habitats is a great way to support our very important pollinators,” added a spokesperson for the Dolmens Climate Action Network.

Saturday’s event also featured a guided walk up Bunkers Hill, before returning to the community centre for singing, pizza and soup.

The food was all homemade and made with ingredients that were donated from Fair Shares, which collects food just at its best before date and otherwise, if not sold, would end up in landfill.

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