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Bryansford have enjoyed a good start to this season but new manager Jim Magorrian said this season is more than just about results.

AFTER 19 games played by seniors and reserves in the 2024 league season, Bryansford have lost just two games and that is pleasing for new manager Jim Magorrian who is attempting an ambitious restructure of the team this year.

The former Bryansford player is managing the team with the help of Ciaran Clifford (a former Armagh hurler) and Benny Corrigan. For many in the club, the goal of getting promoted back to Division One will be their priority.

However, Jim explained that the promotion is only a small part of their plan, as there is a bigger picture to consider.

He told the Mourne Observer, “In my heart we have to get back up to Division One but I have to do what is in my head, which is to bring in the young fellas.

“If we go back into Division One too soon, and we have to rely on the older fellas then we are really no further forward than we were this time last year.

“I hear people in the club saying that we have to get up, which I know, but I have to stick with my theory of making the panel as strong as I can.”

He explained that there are three aspects that he has to address to make the team better. The first was to help the players regain confidence.

“I have been in the club, and involved with the juveniles, and I was watching the boys each year and I could see they were struggling.

“So the big thing for me going in as manager was about trying to get these boys lifted again.

“We wanted to get them together and restore a bit of belief and confidence that they are better footballers than what was being suggested.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Mourne Observer.

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