Monday, January 24, 2022
Castlewellan school 'Edtech50' award winners

Castlewellan school ‘Edtech50’ award winners

Castlewellan school delighted to be included in prestigious ‘EdTech50’ 
THE community of Naíscoil and Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche is delighted the school has been included in this year’s ‘EdTech50’. This elite award is given annually to the top 50 “organisations, individuals and products that are shaping the growth and understanding of educational technology across the UK”. The awards were designed to encourage “Celebration, Ambition and Inspiration” and to highlight best practice among schools, educational software designers and educational leaders throughout England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche was praised in the EdTech50 yearbook (which was issued just before Christmas) as “EdTech is embedded throughout the school curriculum”. They also noted the school’s advanced levels of digital “collaboration between pupils, staff and parents and in working alongside other schools”.  Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche has been working to improve the digital opportunities and outcomes for its pupils for the past few years. The journey began in 2016 and they received their first award, a ‘DigiSchool’ accolade, in 2017, the first Irish medium school to receive this status across Ireland. This was followed up by a runner-up award in the C2K School of Excellence Awards in 2018. In 2019 Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche was the winner of the C2K School of Excellence Awards, chosen from all the primary schools in Northern Ireland. “Since the pandemic struck in 2020, Naíscoil and Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche have worked tirelessly with pupils, parents and other Irish medium schools to continue to provide a top-class education,” a school spokesperson added. “Our digital prowess has enabled our pupils to get the best out of periods of remote learning, many showcasing their work digitally to other pupils across N. Ireland.  “At Naíscoil and Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche we have always striven to provide our pupils with an excellent education. “We believe that bilingualism opens many doors in life, giving our pupils increased opportunities. “We also believe in preparing our pupils for the world of the future. The Education and Training Inspectorate has repeatedly highlighted in recent years that among current school leavers many are entering into jobs and careers that did not exist when they started school (such as drone engineers, code designers, software developers, bloggers, YouTube entrepreneurs, etc.). “At Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche we are committed to utilising the digital world to its fullest advantage for our pupils, while also teaching them to use it wisely and safely.”

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