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Mind Your Mate and Yourself (MYMY)


MYMY Overview

MYMY- Mind Your Mate and Yourself – (Previously known as PIPS Newcastle and District) is a voluntary and community sector counselling organisation, with extensive experience in suicide prevention and intervention. The organisation is registered as a charity with the Northern Ireland Charity Commission and the Inland Revenue.

The MYMY House now located at 19 Dundrum Road, Newcastle provides an easily accessible, safe and secure environment for its local community by providing various forms of counselling.


The aim of the organisation is to provide support to families and communities dealing with various health issues as well as providing services that will help support individuals struggling with; bereavement, self-harming, relationship problems, bullying, mental/physical health and financial issues. Problems that have become so common in our communities that many people find aspects of their every-day life overwhelming.

MYMY Background

PIPS Newcastle and District was established in 2004 as a direct result of an increase in local suicides the group was formed by a number of bereaved family members and volunteers. There was very little counselling services available locally at that time and those that did exist had limited resources. The organisation opened its Drop-in-Centre/Open House on Newcastle Main Street in order to provide an easily accessible, safe and secure environment for its local community by providing various forms of counselling.

The opportunity to move to bigger premises in October 2015 prompted the group to make the decision to change the name from PIPS Newcastle and District to MYMY- Mind Your Mate and Yourself. The organisation has taken a major step forward in establishing itself as an independent charity providing much needed counselling services and support within the Newcastle and surrounding rural area.

The new premises at 19 Dundrum Road, Newcastle and the creation of 3 new permanent staff posts; House Manager, Counselling Manager and a part-time Counsellor has enabled MYMY to re-structure, monitor and develop its current services. MYMY also has 6 volunteer counsellors, 8 house volunteers and a team of fundraising volunteers

The MYMY vision

To provide the necessary support services to empower everyone in the Newcastle area and district to enjoy good mental health and well-being.

MYMY Values

The following values underpin our work;

We will recognise and respect the right of every individual to make their own decisions

Trust: We will maintain professional and ethical boundaries

Confidentiality: We will adhere to data protection law and all appropriate policies, procedures and protocols

Compassion: We will provide a safe, welcoming and caring environment where everyone is listened to and supported to enable and empower them to participate fully in wider society.

Equality and Integrity: Our service is available to anyone in our society that needs and wants our help. We will be professional and transparent in what we do.

MYMY Fundraising

You can help support our work by organising a fundraising event, or by participating in one of MYMY’s own fundraising activities. or by simply making a direct donation. Your help will enable us to continue to provide, the support needed to help some of the most vulnerable in our society to find hope and stay safe in times of distress and despair

Every donation makes a difference, by supporting our work here at MYMY you can make one to.

Thank you!

Up and Coming Events

Street collections 9.30am – 16.00pm

Castlewellan 21st July 2018/ 13th October 2018

Newcastle 19th May 2018/ 22nd December

MYMY Skydive Date still to be disclosed 

MYMY sleep out in Newcastle, 48 hours in the cold from 30th November – 2nd December 2018

If you would like to take part in any of these events just email or ring MYMY.

MYMY office details

The MYMY House is open 4 days per week from 9.30 to 4.30 for general office activities and to facilitate counselling sessions and daytime support groups. The House is also open on selected evenings to enable after-hours counselling and to host other support groups and outside agencies.

If you would like to help please contact MYMY at 028 4372 7549 or Email


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