Thursday, May 30, 2024
GeneralExciting new project for Moneydarragh Hub

Exciting new project for Moneydarragh Hub

Moneydarragh Hub has expressed its delight after the first session of the Down Community Arts’ Mural Design Project was held recently. Workshops were held with Dermot McConaghy, who works under the name DMC. He taught the group about mural making and graffiti and they also discussed the creation of a piece of public artwork in the Mournes. “Dermot McConaghy started by teaching members of the community about some of the finer points of street art and graffiti and guided us through a history of his very impressive work,” explained a spokesperson for Moneydarragh Hub. “Folks of all ages then got stuck into some creative exercises and talked about some early ideas for the mural. These ideas ranged from forward thinking, bright and lively images from kids to ideas of learning and community which has been important on the site for generations. “Moneydarragh Hub is delighted to be working with Down Community Arts and in partnership with DMC to share ideas and bring art to the community in interesting and engaging ways. “It was great to see a range of ages giving their input on what they’d like to see represented, but there’s still room for more exploration and discovery! If you know anyone of any age interested in street art or graffiti who would like to take part, please get in contact with or message Moneydarragh Hub via social media for more info. “We’re excited to be involved with this collaboration and can’t wait to see where it leads us!”

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