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Family make fresh appeal on fifth anniversary of murder

Family make fresh appeal on fifth anniversary of murder

THE family of a Warrenpoint man murdered five years ago has appealed for help in putting whoever was responsible behind bars.

Wayne Boylan was shot dead in the town on 18 January 2019, and last Thursday, on the fifth anniversary of the murder, his family joined the PSNI in making a renewed appeal for information.

This is being backed with a reward from the charity Crimestoppers, which has been increased to £20,000 to include information relating to gunshot injuries sustained by a friend of Mr Boylan’s.

Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Kelly highlighted that the 37-year-old local man was “murdered in a house in the Lower Dromore Road area of Warrenpoint on the evening of Friday 18 January 2019”. 

“He had been spending an evening with friends when two masked attackers, armed with a shotgun, burst into the house,” he said.

“This was just before 7.30pm.

“Wayne was shot in this shocking and cold-blooded attack, and, sadly, died at the scene.

“Pellets from the blasts also struck a woman, Wayne’s friend, in the face and neck.

“She subsequently had to undergo emergency surgery, and remained critically ill for some time.”

DCI Kelly stated that the Crimestoppers reward had originally been for “information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Wayne’s murder”, but had now been extended to “include information on the offence of grievous bodily harm with intent, in respect of injuries sustained by Wayne’s friend”.

“One young life was cut short, another seriously injured, and others could all too easily have been killed that tragic evening,” he added.

“This fatal shooting left a loving family bereft. 

“Their lives changed forever when Wayne was murdered. 

“And, five years on, they understandably remain heartbroken.

“I am asking you to do the right thing and come forward with information. 

“I know people may be frightened to take this step, and I’m keen to stress that you can contact Crimestoppers, who are independent of police, with complete anonymity.”

A family statement, issued through the PSNI, said that “it has been five years now since Wayne was cruelly taken from us”.

“It’s been the longest five years, and yet, at the same time, it feels like yesterday,” it read. 

“It’s all so painfully vivid. 

“The sadness just doesn’t go away, and we miss Wayne every single day.

“Wayne was brutally killed. 

“He didn’t deserve to have his life taken at the hands of others – no one does.”

The statement also said that “those who carried out this cowardly and cruel murder are dangerous”. 

“There’s nothing that can bring Wayne back to us, but these people deserve to be brought to justice, and they deserve to be behind bars,” it concluded.

“We, as a family, can only appeal for your help, which could make all the difference.  

“If you have any information at all, if you know what happened and who was responsible, please come forward. 

“It’s not too late.”

A Crimestoppers spokesperson said that they were supporting the police by offering a reward for information that it “exclusively receives via our website,, or by calling our contact centre on 0800 555 111”.

“Crimestoppers gives people an option to speak up without police contact or any comeback,” they continued.

“Computer IP addresses are never traced.

“Telephone calls are never recorded, there is no caller line display and no 1471 facility.

“The reward is only payable for information passed directly to Crimestoppers, and rewards normally expire after three months.

“Anyone who contacts our charity will stay 100 per cent anonymous – always.”

Alternatively, PSNI detectives can be contacted on 101, quoting reference number 1115 of 18/1/19.

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