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GeneralFamily's special birthday celebrations

Family’s special birthday celebrations

THE 8th of January has an extraspecial significance for one local
family who, quite possibly, make
local history, with three generations
celebrating their birthdays on the
same date.
Mrs Mona Drummond turned 93, her
daughter, Tina Carr, celebrated her 70th and the
youngest ‘birthday girl’ within the family, who
are all on the maternal side, greatgranddaughter Katie McCabe celebrated her
12th birthday.
Katie’s mum, Lisa McCabe, who is Mrs
Drummond’s grand-daughter, said the birthdays
are “something quite special”, before joking that
birthday card and present shopping – hot on the
heels of Christmas – can be expensive!
She said the family has always remarked on
how unique the circumstances are.
She added that Katie’s due date had been the
12th of January, but when her arrival came a
little earlier than planned it had been a bit of a
shock, but it was extra-special as her mum, Tina,
was there to witness her grand-daughter’s birth.
Tina and her family moved from Belfast to
Newcastle 41 years ago, with ‘Nanny Mona’, as
she is lovingly referred to, following suit a
decade later.
Lisa said her grandmother is “a remarkable
woman” who was very independent until just a
few years ago, at which point she relocated to
Greenvale House Nursing Home in Castlewellan.
A former nurse, whose career included over 20
years in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Mrs
Drummond only passed her driving test when
she was 60, following the death of her husband,
and has overcome two cancer diagnoses.
Lisa explained that Nanny Mona enjoyed visits
from relatives on Monday, whilst Tina had spent
the weekend in Dublin and Katie, a Year 8 pupil
at Shimna Integrated College in her hometown,
enjoyed a number of celebrations with family and
“Nanny Mona and my mum are fantastic role
models for us all, and with all three sharing their
birthdays, it really is quite unique. It’s the best
present I’ve ever been able to give my mum,”
she added.

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