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Laoise Duffy told the Mourne Observer about the mood in the team and why it has helped bring success to the team.

THE DOWN ladies footballers must focus on their own performance and avoid the hype if they are to make any progress in the All-Ireland Intermediate Championship.

Laoise Duffy is one of the more senior players on the team, with plenty of experience and she said that she and her teammates are fully focused on making an impact in the competition.

“We are confident in our own abilities, and style of play.

“We are not taking anything for granted.

“We were in junior last year and we have not been up against some of these teams before. Some of these teams have played against Division Two teams.

“But we are trying to ignore the external things, and focus on ourselves.”

Laoise said that the pressure of playing against better teams means it is hard to focus on their own strengths. Yet she believes they can do so.

“It is tough to ignore but we have got a good system in place. The management and the county board will keep things from us. They will sort it out so that we can focus on our work.

“It is difficult because you do want to get involved in the buzz.”

Read Laoise Duffy’s thoughts on how the team has changed in the past nine years since she started playing in the rest of the article.

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