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Following their Ulster Championship sem-final defeat to Armagh, Down manager Conor Laverty was glowing in his praise for the players. Read what he said now.

IN THE aftermath of Saturday evening’s loss to Armagh, as Conor Laverty weaved his way from interview to interview at the bottom end of the Clones pitch there was, despite the undeniable disappointment etched on his face, still a spring in the step which came from his pride at how his Down side had almost overturned Armagh. 

Written off in so many quarters, they had put incredible time and effort into delivering this showing in the semi-final from the moments after the quarter-final against Antrim ended and they nearly managed to marry both performance and result. 

Conor said, “This group has spent a lot of time together over this past two weeks. As a management team we’ve put our lives on hold since the Antrim game, we came up with a game plan of how we wanted to play and I thought the lads executed that brilliantly.”

Read the full interview from Conor Laverty as he argues that his players do not deserve criticism.

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