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The Down manager was withering in his analysis of their Championship performance against Antrim. See what he said.

“THAT wasn’t the level of performance that this team aspires to get to. It wasn’t the reason I took the job for our players. I feel that there’s quality in Down. I feel there’s a talented bunch of players and we were just well below our standard line there” was the brutal assessment of manager Conor Laverty after his Down side limped to a four point win over Antrim on Saturday evening.

Laverty was clearly frustrated with many elements of Down’s performance and, though he thought Mickey Donnelly had already spoken to the media, it was still well over half an hour before he emerged for interviews, suggesting a stinging post match review kicked into operation immediately after the full time whistle.

“I’m sure there wouldn’t be too many neutrals impressed with that game. It was just a poor standard and it’s not something that’s acceptable, I feel for the level of talent we have in this team” said Laverty after the game.

“The most disappointing thing today is that we didn’t bring to the table some of the stuff that we had aimed to work on (after the Westmeath game).”

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