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    Down assistant manager has called on the fans to get out and support the county in what will be the final game in Newry of the year.

    THE Down management team have appealed for a massive turnout for their Tailteann Cup quarter-final on Saturday.

    Down are eager to get a win and return to the competition semi-finals as they are hunting down a trophy they missed out on last year.

    Declan Morgan is an assistant to Conor Laverty, the Down manager.

    He explained why this weekend’s match against Wicklow in Newry is so special.

    He told the Mourne Observer: “We would really love to see a big crowd in Newry.

    “It is our last home game of the season.

    “We have played a lot of games in Newry this season and we have had some big crowds.

    “We would love to see that again. It would be great to sign off our last game in Newry this season with a win.

    “The prize for us is massive, [if we win we are] going to Croke Park.”

    Declan said a vociferous crowd will do its bit to help Down progress.

    “It helps massively. It makes a huge difference that we have a home quarter-final.

    “I know the boys will be looking forward to playing in Newry.

    “Newry is a great venue. There are great stadiums around the country, but I just love going to Newry.”

    Read the full story in the current issue of the Mourne Observer, including Declan Morgan’s analysis of which parts of their game must improve.

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