Tuesday, January 31, 2023


ST Louis Grammar School is celebrating its centenary this year. Current and former pupils and staff are invited to join the school community throughout the year to mark this significant milestone. A calendar of exciting activities and events has been organised over the coming year. The Kilkeel school is calling all past pupils to join its alumni network. To celebrate the launch of the centenary calendar and the alumni network, St Louis hosted a number of notable past pupils at the school recently, including former GAA and Aussies Rules player and now BBC Sports pundit, Martin Clarke, Irish Olympian Kerry O’Flaherty, Irish News editor Noel Doran and women’s rights advocate, Bronagh Hinds. Martin Clarke, who attended St Louis from 1999 to 2006, commented: “I am delighted to attend the St Louis centenary launch today, along with other familiar faces. “I look back on my school years with fond memories and thank all the great staff for providing an invaluable education which ultimately laid the foundation for all our successes after we left in 2006. “My most cherished memories from my school days involved many happy times, both in the classroom and with the football teams. Here I am today, back on the soil where we trained tirelessly to be the best we could be, on the football field.” He added: “I hope that many other past pupils and teachers from near and far will join me in celebrating the centenary year of our school and take this opportunity to join the alumni network.” St Louis Grammar School principal Mr Kevin Martin praised those who had shaped the school in its early years. “When the school first opened in 1922 the educational and political landscape then was considerably different than it is now,” Mr Martin said. “I wish to pay tribute to the excellent work of the first St Louis Sisters that had the vision, foresight and tenacity to establish St Louis Grammar School is celebrating 100 years at the heart of its community St Louis Grammar for post-primary pupils in Mourne and the wider region. “Although the school has adapted, evolved and grown in size over the years, the ethos and charism remains the same. “I am pleased that the high standards of education and pastoral care continue and I take great delight in hearing about former and current pupils reaching the highest standards academically and in other areas. “I am enormously proud of all our students and it is a privilege and an honour to have the opportunity to make contact with past pupils from all around the world who have built on the firm foundations established here in St Louis and who have continued to be successful and make a positive difference in their work and careers.” Mr Martin continued: “As we approach this significant milestone for St Louis Grammar School, I am delighted to see the return of some familiar faces to help launch our centenary calendar and alumni network. “As I have mentioned, our aim is to reconnect with as many past pupils and staff members from across the decades. “We are calling on all past pupils to get in touch with us, to share their journeys and success stories as, no doubt, this will inspire current and future generations of St Louis students to fulfil their potential.” The newly created St Louis Alumni Network will be a hub for past pupils and staff to re-connect and share stories. The school looks forward to the year ahead and has an exciting calendar of events for all generations to come together and share stories of the past and visions for the future. To join the St Louis Alumni Network with other past pupils and staff, visit www.stlouis.org.uk and log your details. The school will be posting a full calendar of events and alumni members will be the first to know. You can also check out the school’s specially dedicated Facebook page, ‘St. Louis Kilkeel Centenary’ which already has a very active following and gallery of photos from days gone by.

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