Tuesday, June 25, 2024


ST BRONAGH’S Boxing Club,
Rostrevor got their season of to a
great start, winning three titles.
First up was Connie Gibbons who won the
all Ireland Senior 52 Kilo title at the National
Boxing Stadium in Dublin.

Connie, who lost
four all Ireland finals with two dubious
decisions, finally got her hands on the title.
Club coach Gavin Dougan said, “Connie
stayed with the boxing when others would have
gave up so winning this title was testament to
her commitment and dedication to boxing and
the St Bronagh’s ABC.”
Next up was Cash Ciummei, who was in top
form as he wracked up two stoppage victories
on his was to winning the Ulster Novice 70 Kilo

Cash defeated a very good boxer in Harry
Robinson from Errigal Boxing Club in Derry,
with the referee stopping the contest in the
second round. In the final he faced Phelim
Kelly from the Golden Star Omagh. This
proved to be a tougher challenge, with Kelly’s
slick footwork and fast hands winning him the
first round.
Cash finally caught up with him in the
second round as the referee gave the Omagh
man a standing count. In the third Cash took
over and was finding the target more and
When another left hook rocked his opponent,
it gave the referee no option but to wave off the

Ryan Mackin, has made great improvement
over the past few months, winning the Louth
52 Kilo title. “Ryan has upped his training and
put more effort in to his boxing,” said club
coach Gavin Dougan and he hopes he will
continue to improve.
Cash and Ryan will be back in action over
the next few weeks along with St Bronagh’s
boxers in the Nine County Championships.

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